List of Essential Workers in the Trucking Industry

The transportation industry plays a vital role in keeping the economy going and supply chains running. The U.S and Canadian governments have deemed the services provided by the transportation industry as essential, but when it comes to trucking in particular, which employees are required to keep working?

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are on the front lines when it comes to essential workers. Drivers are necessary to keep supply chains running. They continue to move freight across Canada and the U.S. Without truck drivers, groceries and medical supplies wouldn’t be getting restocked as needed.

Truck Dispatchers

While truck drivers continue to move goods across North America, truck dispatchers are also working behind the scenes to ensure freight is going where it needs to. Some trucking companies have moved dispatchers to “work-from-home” if they’re able to, but dispatchers continue to work during this pandemic.

Maintenance and Repair Technicians

As truck drivers continue to work, so do those that keep the trucks running. Maintenance and repair technicians have been deemed essential during COVID-19. This allows trucking companies to keep their fleets safe as they make the necessary trips to keep the supply chain active.

Warehouse Workers

Trucks carry goods from one point to another, but it’s the warehouse workers that are responsible for loading up the freight. Without them, trucks wouldn’t have anything to move!

Rest Area, Truck Stop & Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station Workers

Truck drivers are required to stop after a certain number of hours on duty as well as check in at inspection stations. In order to keep truck drivers safe on the roads, truck stops and inspection stations continue to operate.


Other workers that are necessary to keep the critical infrastructure of the trucking industry intact have also been deemed essential. This includes inspection workers and border officials. This allows goods to be transported across the U.S. and Canada.

The trucking industry plays a vital role in North America’s economy. Our training courses give you the foundation you need to break into the transportation industry – there’s no better place to begin your career.